Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement and Weight Loss

We’re all unique.

Dr. Gasquet also offers several customizable services, catering to each patient’s specific needs. Services include:

  • Weight Loss Treatment
  • Hormone Testing and Replacement
  • Perimenopause -Menopause and Andropause Treatment

For each, we first meet with you to diagnose the severity of your situation, creating a customized treatment option designed to give you what you need most, whether that’s a hormone solution, vitamin cocktail or something else entirely.

Regarding hormones – not many women are aware of the safe option regarding hormone replacement.  Not many men are aware that their fatigue and mood issues are possibly due to hormone imbalance.  Everyone has a hard time accepting that cortisol can take a toll on many areas in chronic disease.   We are excited to help reveal and remedy what might be bothering you!

Because of each service’s individual nature, prices vary.  Screenings are complimentary, however consult fees (weight loss, hormone, medical concierge) fees would apply.