Patient Resources

Patient Resources

We’re here for you every step of the way.

We partner with several local companies, recognizing the quality of their work and the impact they’ve had in their communities. We wholeheartedly recommend each of them as a powerful resource designed to help you meet your lifestyle goals.

Healthy Course Meals

Eating healthy is a challenge. As an internist, Dr. Gasquet sees many patients who struggle with self-discipline and a lack of information. They want to eat healthy, but they can’t – or they simply don’t know how.

Enter Healthy Course Meals.

They’re simple, delicious and affordable. If you’re tired of counting calories or hate slaving away in the kitchen, Healthy Course allows you to eat fresh, easy meals. These foods are perfect for people suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease, minimizing those conditions. We highly recommend them to anyone who’s interested in living a happy, healthy life.

Vitality Wellness Group

We partner with Vitality Wellness Group, a male-focused practice devoted to anti-aging medicine and hormone therapies. Not only do they have doctors on staff, but they have personal trainers and nutritionists ready to meet your needs.

Nutrafol Hair Growth Supplementation

Nutrafol Fullest Hair Growth Kit – Women 3 month Supply