Vitamin Infusion and Injection Therapy

Take wellness to a whole new level.

IV infusions and vitamin injections are one of the wellness industry’s hottest trends, offering people the chance to rest and rehydrate in a powerful, efficient way.

IV Infusions

  • $145 and up
  • 45-60 minutes

Whether you’re experiencing a massive hangover, chronic body fatigue or a migraine, IV infusions can help by refueling your body with a powerful, vitamin-based treatment.

Vitamin Injections

  • $30 and up
  • 15 minutes

Trying to live a healthier lifestyle? Our Methyl B12, Vitamin D, Glutathione, Bio-Boost and Lipo-C injections are designed to help by improving your energy, metabolism, weight loss, mood, libido and more.

These shots supercharge your metabolism, reducing your body fat while enhancing and preserving your muscle. They include healthy vitamins and nutrients designed to boost your performance in the gym and at home, adding a spring to your step.

 Disclaimer: Although these procedures are all FDA-approved, there may be some side effects. Make sure to follow any warnings we give you prior to the procedure.