Medical Grade Peels

Tired of acne, photodamage, scarring or fine lines?

Medical grade peels smooth facial skin with a chemical solution, removing dead skin and blemishes. We offer two peel packages as well as Dermapen and CryoClear Packages:

ZO Skin Peel

  • $200
  • 30 minutes

This treatment lasts longer and heals faster than standard peels – perfect for someone on-the-go. It targets acne, melasma, sun damage, fine lines and more, giving you smoother, softer skin.

Clinical Corrective

  • $185
  • 55 minutes

Following a facial cleanse and skin analysis, we’ll administer a custom, prescriptive facial to meet your needs. This treatment includes exfoliation, masquing, massage, customized therapeutic intensive and a finishing treatment to leave you with fresh, clean skin for the remainder of the day.


  • $185
  • 55 minutes

Best for texture/resurfacing, pore reduction, scar treatment, face and neck tightening, signifcant improvement in fine lines, dark circles and vertical lip lines, as well as chin dimpling.


  • $80
  • 20-30minutes

Although skin tags and dark spots may be natural, they certainly aren’t appealing. Our CryoClear treatment freezes them, removing them quickly and effectively. Unlike liquid nitrogen and other freezing treatments, CryoClear gently sprays your skin with carbon dioxide, lowering your risk of blistering, scarring or hypopigmentation.

If you’re struggling with skin tags, age spots or sun spots, CryoClear is the best solution, safely treating sensitive areas like your hands, face and neck.

Disclaimer: Although these procedures are all FDA-approved, there may be some side effects. Read more about them, and make sure to follow any warnings we give you prior to the procedure.