Aesthetic Tattoos

Add color and life to your skin with permanent makeup.

Aesthetic Tattoos

  • Varies
  • 45 minutes

Through our ongoing partnership with Softouch Makeup, Carole Siegel-DeZarn, a permanent makeup specialist, visits our office weekly to offer custom, permanent makeup tattoos, designed to add color and life to skin.

○      Eyebrows: $500

○      Eyeliner: $500

○      Lash Enhancement (Top Only): $350

○      One Line: $350

○      Beauty Marks: $100

○      Full Lip with Shading: $650

○      Lip Liner: $650

○      “The Works” (Eyebrows, Eyeliner and Full Lips): $1,400

Disclaimer: Procedures may need follow-up appointments for touch-ups. The second appointment is $125, if scheduled within a year of the initial procedure.