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Body Contouring (Non-Surgical)

body countering Belle ChasseNon-surgical body sculpting is a procedure used to help tighten, firm and remove excess fat from the body without the use of invasive surgical procedures. Body contouring is especially beneficial for individuals who have not experienced optimal results with diet and exercise alone. When combined with a healthy lifestyle, body contouring can help patients achieve their goals and improve self-esteem.

Body contouring is designed to help patients expedite the weight loss process and achieve a thinner body in as little time as possible. It is generally pain-free and requires no incisions, making it an attractive treatment option following a dramatic weight loss or for women following a pregnancy. All procedures are performed in an office setting, reducing the costs associated with traditional surgery, such as anesthesia and hospital bills. Best of all, there are no lasting scars, and patients undergo the procedure without the risks associated with major surgery.

There are many different types of non-surgical body contouring, all of which use some kind of external energy to penetrate fat cells and cause them to break down within the body. Ultrasound, radiofrequency and laser energy are the most commonly used techniques for body contouring, and each requires minimal recovery time following a treatment. Most patients are pleased with the results of body contouring, although it may take a few weeks before the full benefits are realized.

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