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  Healthy Course Meals

healthy course

As an internal medicine physician, I see every issue that encompasses “poor health.”  In addition to being a hospitalist, I own 2 medical spas which provide anti- aging treatments, nutrition and lifestyle modification, counseling and primary care. It is my responsibility to provide my patients with the best ways to get healthy. With that said, I am a huge advocate for Healthy Course meals. They eliminate ALL excuses.  I like to encourage my patients to be good role models and teach their children to make eating healthy a priority. Conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease can all be minimized and possibly reversed if you pay attention to what you eat! My patients agree – the meals are convenient, nutritious, and make for a healthy quick-fix for dinner! The cost is less than what you’ll spend on fast food. I am happy to recommend, “prescribe”, and provide Healthy Course meals to anyone who needs help living a healthier lifestyle!


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